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mod_dptools: page


Play a recorded file to a list of channels, waiting until answered. Set page_path to the audio file to play once the channel is answered. This command is even more useful when the sip auto answer flag is set to deliver the page message to the endpoint without answering the phone manually.

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page usage

page (page_path=/path/to/page_announcement.wav)<var1=value1,var2=value2...>sofia/internal/

Note the use of "enterprise originate" by the use of the :_: (colon underscore colon) notation to spawn each outbound call leg in its own separate thread.

Note also that the page_path is enclosed in parentheses. An absolute path is shown here, but a path relative to the ${sounds_dir} can also be used.

FreeSWITCH waits for each phone to answer. Each leg gets its own copy of the audio file. You can add variables enclosed in <> angles to be passed to each originate so you can put the sip_auto_answer flag in between the () and the list of channels.


page example

page (page_path=/path/to/tornado_warning.wav)<nolocal:sip_auto_answer=true>sofia/internal/

This example will call local extensions 1000 and 1001 in separate threads. When each one answers, which should happen almost instantaneously thanks to the sip_auto_answer flag, the file tornado_warning.wav will play. The "nolocal:" operator exports the sip_auto_answer flag to the B-leg where it is actually needed; merely setting it on the A-leg will not achieve the desired result since the A-leg is already set up to FS.