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TODO How to add a module. Each module usually describes how to add them, but there is no generic description. (Section 2. Load mod_shout in mod_shout would be a good template candidate.)

TODO No mention of modules.conf.xml OR pre_load_modules.conf.xml (for the latter, there is only a note in Debian 9 Stretch (Obsolete))

TODO See TODO in XML Modules Configuration.


The functionality of FreeSWITCH can be expanded through the addition of modules that perform a particular task, whether that task is simple or complex. The modules can be grouped into broad categories as tagged with labels on their individual module pages.


Setting a module to 'critical'

If, for some reason, you need to prevent FreeSWITCH from starting at all on the failure of a specific module to load at startup then use the 'critical' attribute:

<load module="mod_really_important" critical="true"/>

If module mod_really_important fails to load then FreeSWITCH will abort.

Locating the module file in a different path

If you use commercial module mod_com_g729, you should move it into a separate folder like mod_com and set the following for your entry. This will serve to still delete the folder lib bin mod and do make install from the freeswitch folder and not lose your mod_com_g729:

<load module="mod_com_g729" path="/opt/fs/mod_com"/>

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