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mod_say_he is based on mod_say_en and modified to support Hebrew language. It comes also with recordings.

The Hebrew audio files are still incomplete. The required sound files should be up soon.

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Start by enabling or adding the following on you modules.conf file:



If you are adding Hebrew to an existing installation, you will need to manually add the needed changes to your current configuration files. Add the following in the say section to conf/autoload_configs/modules.conf.xml in the installation directory.


<load module="mod_say_he">

Same goes for conf/freswitch.xml in the installation directory. Add the following:


<X-PRE-PROCESS cmd="include" data="lang/he/*.xml"/> 

Compiling mod_say_he

If you want to manually install and compile mod_say_he, execute:

Compiling mod_say_he

make mod_say_he-install
reload mod_say_he

Usage Example

In order to make it active you have to set the default language and the path to the recordings in your dialplan. Here is an example:

<action application="set" data="default_language=he"/>

And another example of pronouncing a number:

<action application="say" data="he number pronounced masculine 8744697"/>

The recordings were done by Daniel Barakan. For bugs and issues use

The previous version of the module was developed by Eli Hayun ( and Yehavi Bourvine ( It has been archived here.