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A Module for Media Recording with Oreka -- this module adds a media bug to a channel which sends the media to a listening oreka server for recording.

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 <action application="oreka_record"/>

Also, if you prefix headers with "oreka_", they will be sent over to the oreka server as well. For example:

<action application="set" data="oreka_sip_h_X-customer=123"/>
<action application="set" data="oreka_sip_h_X-extension=1001"/>


  • sip-server-addr: Oreka/Orkaudio recording server address
  • sip-server-port: Which port to send signaling to in the recording server
  • mux-all-streams: (true / false) -- mix the audio streams before sending to oreka -- alternatively, you can set the channel var oreka_mux_streams=true