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mod_ldap provide access for LDAP via directory layer. It can be used over the directory layout and does not have any global variables. It use simple unencrypted auth and deprecated functions :). So all what we need is to start a rewrite.

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New module to create

  • Can access SASL and simple.
  • Connected via secure connection - please don't support unencrypted.
  • Use the directory interface.

Old Module Example (mod_ldap)

You can use it as dialplan. conf/autoload_configs/dialplan_directory.conf.xml:

<configuration name="dialplan_directory.conf" description="Dialplan Directory">
<param name="directory-name" value="ldap"/>
<param name="host" value=""/>
<param name="dn" value="uid=sample,ou=freeswitch,dc=example,dc=org"/>
<param name="pass" value="c-base"/>
<param name="base" value="ou=freeswitch,dc=example,dc=org"/>

Your LDAP should have fields labeled with 'exten' 'callflow' and 'context'.

svn r16506 --Lynxis 02:04, 25 January 2010 (UTC)