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<configuration name="json_cdr.conf" description="JSON CDR">

<!-- Global parameters -->
<param name="log-b-leg" value="true"/>
<param name="prefix-a-leg" value="false"/>

<!-- Whether to URL encode the individual JSON values. Defaults to true, set to false for standard JSON. -->
<param name="encode-values" value="true"/>

<!-- Normally if url and log-dir are present, url is attempted first and log-dir second. This options allows to do both systematically. -->
<param name="log-http-and-disk" value="false"/>

<!-- File logging -->
<!-- Directory where to create the "json_cdr" directory used to store JSON CDRs. Leave empty for no file logging. -->
<!-- Might be overriden by a channel variable "json_cdr_base". -->
<param name="log-dir" value=""/>
<!-- Whether to rotate file CDRs. -->
<param name="rotate" value="false"/>

<!-- HTTP(S) logging -->
<!-- URL where to POST JSON CDRs. Leave empty for no URL logging. Up to 20 URLs may be specified. -->
<param name="url" value=""/>
<!-- Authentication scheme for the above URL. May be one of basic|digest|NTLM|GSS-NEGOTIATE|any-->
<param name="auth-scheme" value="basic"/>
<!-- Credentials in the form username:password if auth-scheme is used. Leave empty for no authentication. -->
<param name="cred" value="string"/>
<!-- Whether to base64 encode the entire JSON document before POSTing it. -->
<param name="encode" value="base64|true|false"/>
<!-- Number of retries in case of failure. Each specified URL is tried in turn. -->
<param name="retries" value="0"/>
<!-- Delay between retries (ms). -->
<param name="delay" value="5000"/>
<!-- Disable streaming if the server doesn't support it. -->
<param name="disable-100-continue" value="false"/>
<!-- If web posting failed, the CDR is written to a file. -->
<!-- Error log dir ("json_cdr" is appended). Up to 20 may be specified. Default to log-dir if none is specified. -->
<param name="err-log-dir" value=""/>

<!-- SSL options -->
<param name="ssl-key-path" value=""/>
<param name="ssl-key-password" value=""/>
<!-- SSL version. If specified, must be either "SSLv3" or "TLSv1". -->
<param name="ssl-version" value=""/>
<param name="enable-ssl-verifyhost" value="false"/>
<param name="ssl-cert-path" value=""/>
<param name="enable-cacert-check" value="false"/>
<param name="ssl-cacert-file" value=""/>

At least one of log-dir or url is required for logging to happen.

In log-dir (file) mode, one file is created per call in the target directory.

In url mode, one POST is submitted per CDR. (The socket is currently not re-used between CDRs.) The cred field should contain "login:password" for authentication.

For CouchDB insertion (with FS-3721 fix) use for example an CouchDB URL like where cdr is the database that will store your Call Detail Records. Make sure to set encode-values to false if you'd like plain JSON content.

If submission of the CDR using url fails, the module will fallback to file mode using each err-log-dir.

Output (example CDRs)

The JSON layout contains four sections:

  • app_log: contains "application" data
  • callflow: contains "extension", "caller_profile"
  • channel_data: FreeSwitch channel data
  • variables: all channel variables, including "billsec"