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mod_amqp gives FreeSWITCH™ ability to send events through an amqp server like RabbitMQ and listen for api commands. You can configure one or more connections and filter for which events to send.

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Once you have installed FreeSWITCH from packages, configure FreeSWITCH to load mod_amqp in autoload_configs/modules.conf.xml by uncommenting the line:

<load module="mod_amqp"/>


If need be, edit the amqp connection configuration in autoload_configs/amqp.conf.xml and set the hostname, username, password, and port as applicable.

Example for default installation where rabbitmq server is the same as the FreeSWITCH server:

<profile name="default">
<connection name="primary">
<param name="hostname" value="localhost"/>
<param name="virtualhost" value="/"/>
<param name="username" value="guest"/>
<param name="password" value="guest"/>
<param name="port" value="5672"/>
<param name="heartbeat" value="0"/>

Customize the Event Filter by editing the following lines. The default captures channel create and destroy, fs heartbeat, and dtmf.

 <!--    <param name="eventFilter" value="SWITCH_EVENT_ALL"/> -->

From fs_cli, apply the changes:

reload mod_amqp