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Freeswitch Portal

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The GUI builtin FreeSWITCH, can be used out of the box.

It is based on mod_xml_rpc, the module is built by default but not loaded, so you just need to load it (un-comment it in conf/autoload_configs/modules.conf.xml)

load mod_xml_rpc

open your browser (Chrome and FireFox tested) and goto localhost:8080/portal you should can see it

Optionally you can enable websocket support in autoload_configs/xml_rpc.conf.xml

<param name="enable-websocket" value="true"/>

More to come ...


Can it run on Windows?

Yes, someone reported it works.

I see "Socket Disconnected" in red on the right-top corner, is it a problem?

It means websocket is not enabled or your browser doesn't support websocket. If will automatically to event polling so every thing is working as expected you may just feel the page updating a bit slower than with websocket.