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XML Modules Configuration

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TODO This should be incorporated with Modules. Also, I don't think there is a main description on how to enable a module; all the steps are either with a specific module or non-existent.That is, there is a general part (uncomment or put line in modules.conf.xml , restart freeswitch (or just reloadxml ?), etc), and specific part (e.g., with mod_erlang_event, Erlang has to be pre-installed with its developer headers, etc).

XML Modules Configuration

modules.conf.xml is a configuration entity that exists in the "configuration" section of freeswitch.xml. It denotes which modules to load, and in what order.

In order for a module to be loaded, it needs to have been compiled and installed to the proper location on the system. If you do not know how to compile/install a specific module, please read the Installation Guide.

Modules are only loaded if the above conditions are met. Simply including a module's configuration in freeswitch.xml will not cause a module to load.

As an example:

  • We want to load syslog to be get logging if something fails during production.
  • We'll load mod_cdr to get call data records out of the system (nice for billing).
  • We'll use mod_event_socket to be able to get events for all connected user agents (and later on controlling them)
  • We'll use the xml dialplan for simplicity.
  • Finally we load spidermonkey to be able to write javascript ivr applications and mod_cepstral to get TTS.

The rest of the modules are pretty standard and should not be removed

See here to see what the current version of modules.conf looks like