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RTMP Configuration Files

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mod_rtmp allows you to listen on multiple profiles. Each profile binds to a unique IP:port combination (similar to Sofia profiles). Each profile can be configured with different settings.

This allows you to either listen for calls on multiple addresses/ports, or provide different connection settings to different users depending on which profile they connect to.

Basic settings


<param name="bind-address" value="" />

This sets the address and port to bind to and listen for connections on. It can bind to (i.e. all addresses).


<param name="context" value="public" />

This sets the dialplan context to process the call in.


<param name="dialplan" value="XML" />

This sets the dialplan provider to use, usually XML.


<param name="auth-calls" value="true" />

This controls whether unauthenticated calls are allowed. If set to true only authenticated calls can be made.


<param name="buffer-len" value="50" />miliseconds

This controls how much time to buffer the media to the client for, in milliseconds.


<param name="chunksize" value="512" />

This sets the maximum size of outbound RTMP chunks.