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Compiling FreeSWITCH Tips and Shortcuts


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This page contains useful tips on how the different Makefile options can help you with compiling.


Compiling FreeSWITCH requires compiling lots of libraries and lots of files in various sub-directories. Sometimes you need to compile just certain parts of FreeSWITCH. Other times you want to start from scratch. The options listed below will help.


  • make clean - Cleans the build environment
  • make current - Cleans build environment, performs an git update, then does a make install
  • make core_install (or make install_core) - Recompiles and installs just the core files. Handy if you are working on a core file and want to recompile without doing the whole shebang.
  • make mod_XXXX-install - Recompiles and installs just a single module. Here are some examples:
    • make mod_openzap-install
    • make mod_sofia-install
    • make mod_lcr-install
  • make samples - This will not replace your configuration. This will instead make the default extensions and dialplan to run the basic configuration of FreeSWITCH.

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