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This app is a plug in for Address Book in OS X to allow dialing a number listed in an Address Book Entry. Once installed, and is edited to reflect the proper information for your configuration, clicking a phone number (more properly the label for the number) you will get a pop up menu, named "FS Dial". Clicking this menu will cause your phone to ring, and when you answer, you are connected to the number you clicked.

This app was written in AppleScript, Python, and uses the Event Socket Library.

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  • Drop all files in ~/Library/Address Book Scripts.
  • Edit to set up your server information and phone number.
  • Start Address Book. You should now have a FS Dial entry on the popup menu on phone numbers now.

These scripts depend on ESL libs to be loaded on the machine that the scripts run on. These should be built on a dev machice and loaded on the client machine in the proper locations (Python libs)