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Solaris 11.1 support is maintained on behalf of legacy telecom users.

Maintainer Needed

We need YOU to maintain this port of FreeSWITCH. Please contact one of the FreeSWITCH core developers on Freenode IRC channel #freeswitch or the mailing list to help them keep the code current for this operating system.

Build From Source

The FreeSWITCH™ team has prepared a Makefile in the source tree that pulls down all dependencies and builds FreeSWITCH. It is available in the repository at

Simply copy the contents of the above link into Makefile, then run 'make' in the same directory. When finished, FreeSWITCH should be located under /usr/local/freeswitch

If you find any errors please sign up for an account to help update the documentation.