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Vanilla installation files

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Table of Contents

0. About

TODO Move this to Default Configuration (which in turn also needs updating). Also adopt the existing naming conventions there.

TODO Consolidate sections Default Configuration, Configuring FreeSWITCH, Configuration Recipes

Description of files and folders created during a FreeSWITCH installation (for example following the Debian 9 Stretch installation instructions), to help one decide which files are really needed.

For the most up-to-date list, see conf/vanilla in the FreeSWITCH Github repo.

Top level entries are named after the global variable for the containing directory (see Directories section). For example, the main configuration directory on Debian 9:

`conf_dir` global variable's value in `fs_cli`

freeswitch@tr2> eval $${conf_dir}

1 conf_dir (~> /etc/freeswitch )

1.1 ./config.FS0

Seems to be a sample fax modem configuration used by mod_spandsp, although config.FS0 is not mentioned there, and basing this on a signalwire/freeswitch search, yielding the following line:

 2) copy conf/config.FS0 to /var/spool/hylafax/etc (or wherver the appropriate dir is on your system)

1.2 ./extensions.conf

An example Asterisk dialplan. See mod_dialplan_asterisk.

1.3 ./freeswitch.serial

1.4 ./freeswitch.xml

The main configuration file. See Configuring FreeSWITCH or just freeswitch.xml section.

1.5 ./fur_elise.ttml

See TTML. Committed by Brian West (96e907e7a88) on 01 Jan 2008 (commit message: "being a bit creative").


General information, and security advice to consider before going live.

2. Directories in conf_dir

2.1 ./yaml/

Seems to be created for people who complained regarding XML and/or wanted to use Asterisk style configuration. See this FAQ entry.

Committed by Anthony Minessale II in 2008 with commit message "Yet Another Mega Labotomy", and it hasn't been touched since. mod_yaml also hasn't been documented since 2008.