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Basic documentation about using ODBC with freeswitch

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Freeswitch supports ODBC, enabling various aspects of a system configuration and state to be stored within a database. SIP registrations, call/channel state, voicemail messages and voicemail preferences may be stored in the database. Additionally, mod_limit configuration, mod_nibblebill and call detail record information may be stored in a database using ODBC.

For more information see using ODBC in the core

Using ODBC in Javascript

The JavaScript engine can talk to various databases through the ODBC module.

Remember that you have to add/uncomment the following in spidermonkey.conf.xml file, inside conf/autoload_configs of your installaton directory

<load module="mod_spidermonkey_odbc"/>

Compilation help: Mod_spidermonkey_odbc




I was going through cleaning up old wiki links and couldn't find anything about mod_spidermonkey_odbc. It looks like this module is no longer available and was dropped since mod_v8 took over. Did we want to leave that reference or remove it? Posted by bjordan at Dec 30, 2018 21:08