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Agent iPhone

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Pause-dialing from an iPhone to a FreeSWITCH directory

The iPhone comes with a nice feature for automating navigation of a closed FreeSWITCH dialplan, or even open systems which you might use regularly (DISA, for example).

Pauses may be entered into any Contact entry phone number field.

  • Select a Contact, or create a new one
  • Select "Edit" from the top-right corner
  • Select the "add new phone" option
  • Enter the phone number or extension to your FreeSWITCH inbound dialplan
  • Press the button in the lower-left corner identified by "+*#"Select "pause" in the lower-centre of the keypad.

 The first "pause" entry will add a space and comma (,) to the number. This will cause the iPhone to dial any digits which follow this pause exactly 2 seconds after the remote line picks up. I use this, for example, to escape to my DISA dialplan script, and after another pause, dial my DISA login and password.

The automated DTMF tones generated by the iPhone following a pause are quite long at 1 second each, so ensure your dialplan contains appropriate time to key in selections and extensions.

If you know how to lower this delay, please update this wiki page! --ver